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Bridge Conveyor

  • Bridge Conveyor
Bridge Conveyor

Bridge Conveyor

  • Product description: Bridge Conveyor


This is conveyer bridge is designed for transport single-side corrugated paper by the top of the single facer to the multiplex pre-heater.

Machine Introduction:

1. Adopts suction tension device, use high pressure adsorption motor to suction the single face paper, make it flat to input the next process.

2. Installing two operate board, could be adjust on the bridge and ground.

3. Paper receiving device adopts independent frequency conversion control, manufacture enough single face paper to wave type, and make sure enough storage of single face paper, to keep in-phase different speed in manufacture.

4. With feeding paper frame on the bridge and two conveyer belt to transport the single face paper to the bridge, forming wave type to storage the single face paper.

5. The Automatic adjust the position of single face paper, reduce waste paper ratio of the manual operation.

6. Equipped block part, in order to single face paper stack well on the bridge when the machine in high speed.

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