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NC Cutter off

  • NC Cutter off
NC Cutter off

NC Cutter off

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Machine Introduction

This machine with steady structure, high tension and cutting precision. Adopt high precision cutting frame, driving part adopts AC servo motor and industry computer system. Easy operate.

*With two blade type.

* max cutting width:1400mm,1600mm,1800MM,2000mm

* Frame structure, good design in seat board, steady and good beauty.

* Driving gear raw materials: SCM21 alloy steel, special manufacture process, harden and precision grinding, hardness about HRC58-~60,precision JIS1 grade-0 group.

* max design speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 120m/min。

* This machine adopt industry computer system, PLC and computer composed, easy to operate.

* Adopt AC servo motor drive, drive part adopt import product.

* It could be manage by whole system, non-stop machine to change cutting order.

* Adopt helix cutting blade, small cutting strength, high precision.

* Special materials blade, good structure of blade and frame, long time work life.

* High precision gear drive, do many process and heating process, small gap and work steady.

* High cutting precision, steady speed ≤±1mm,change speed ≤±1.5mm;

* Standard type single blade machine.

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