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NC Slitter Scorer

  • NC Slitter Scorer
NC Slitter Scorer

NC Slitter Scorer

  • Product description: NC Slitter Scorer

Machine introduction:

1. Whole machine control system adopt Taiwan origin computer and PCL control .

2. A memory of 999 orders, which could select any order to produce as requirement at the working time.

3. Automatic synchronizes with the corrugators.

4. Automatic knife grinding system can realize to repair the knife while the line is running without any stop. Knife grinding device also could enactment the interval meters according to material and edge condition.

5. Blade and scorer adjusts automatically, and have electro motion venier regulating function.

6. Scorer depth adjustment controlled by computer, match manual button for vernier regulation

7. Upper and lower scorer wheels controlled by air pressure, and it will not need to cutoff the cardboard during order exchanging.

8. Three score types for single wall, double wall and triple wall, which can also press different thickness in order to cardboard print.

9. It is easy to change the knife, every knife matches adjustable automatic grinding lubricate device, record the cutting length independently. Consumers can enactment the grinding time and interval time according to different paper material and cutting space condition.

10. 1mm high quality knife cut the cardboard with a high speed ensure the cut edge clean and beautiful which it is better for printing.

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