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Glue Making machine

  • Gluing making machine
Gluing making machine

Gluing making machine

  • Product description: Gluing making machine

Machine Introduction:

1. Supply starch adhesive for single facer(s) and gluing machine. Automatic recycle type.

2. Horizontal mixer could confects the main glue and carrier glue and then mix them enough with large volume.

3. Glue pump transport the glue from glue making storage pot, supply enough glue for each single facer and gluing machine.

4. The storage pot and supply pot all equipped with mixing device, preventing glue from depositing.

5. Glue making part include Carrier pot, main pot, storage pot, supply pump and return pump

6. Adopts automatic recycle supply glue, surplus glue return to the glue pot, automatic glue level control, the return pumped to the storage pot with self-pump, do automatic self-circle, avoiding glue gelling and solidifying in the glue pan.

7. After finish manufacture, surplus glue returns to glue pot for next time to use.

8. Manufacturer supply gluing making method.