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Corner Stacker

  • Corner stacker
Corner stacker

Corner stacker

  • Product description: Corner stacker

Technical parameter

Max length: 3000mm

Max working speed: 150-100m/min

Pneumatic pressure: 0.6--0.9MPa

Work voltage:  380V   50Hz     total machine power: 5.2kw


1. Automatic store up and collect the carton sheets.

2. Electric horizontal output.

3. Vertical receive the carton sheets adopts wider conveyer belt to transport.

4. Carton sheets quantity and height was control by switch then push out.

Raw materials and bought-in component:

1. Belt transport motor: 3.7kw, 1set, non-stop working

2. Horizontal arrange carton sheets motor: 1.5 kw, 1set, non-stop working

3. Transport belt: industry belt

 4. Main frame channel steel: 16# steel